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Peter Condaxis knew that to have the perfect cup of coffee, it started with the perfect blend of roasted coffee beans. So he founded Condaxis Coffee and Tea in Jacksonville, Florida, the heart of Florida’s First Coast. To this day, we remain true to the richness of Peter’s coffees by embracing, and building upon, the traditions at Condaxis.

Neighborhood coffee roasters were common a century ago. But a roasting consolidation took place after World War II when supermarkets replaced corner grocers and specialty stores as the dominant player in food retailing, said Ted Lingle, executive director of the Specialty Coffee Association of America. 

Condaxis Coffee survived that consolidation and is ready to capitalize on the coffee resurgence that occurred in the late 1980's.

Our home city of Jacksonville, Florida is one of the busiest coffee ports in the country which guarantees fresh beans every week for you!

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About the company

Condaxis Coffee & Tea on West Beaver Street in Jacksonville sells to walk-in customers right here in the company's front room. It also sells locally to commercial customers such as restaurants, offices, gyms, medical facilities, hotels and more.

We provide the freshest roast coffee and deliver it in days, from our dock to your door. Every package is date-stamped to guarantee freshness and we ship out-of-area orders daily.  It’s seamless, allowing us to deliver the most authentic experience from the most adventurous coffee growing regions in the world.

Condaxis Coffee ships its product, both retail and wholesale, to customers all over the United States.


"You just know what you're getting."

Condaxis sells single origin coffees and 12 different blends. 

Condaxis imports coffee beans directly from the growers in places like Brazil, Columbia, Costa Rica and Nicaragua. 


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Daily packaging

We don't roast and stock, we roast to order.

Some customers have us create their own custom blend because they trust our expertise. The way we roast our coffee, no one else can duplicate.  That comes from 60 years in the business, perfecting our craft, combining old world techniques with modern day technology.

Consistency of the coffee is the key.