The Armada MISSION

“The Armada FC is dedicated to building a successful and sustainable football club for the future by providing an outstanding experience for fans and developing a strong affinity with communities in Jacksonville and beyond.”

Condaxis Coffee & Tea 

"Since 1959 Coffee is our passion, and it starts with the perfect bean. We build relationships with equally passionate coffee farmers throughout the world. We hand-select, roast and grind the perfect beans to order, and then deliver them within days of roasting - all so you can serve the most flavorful, incredible cup on the planet."

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1. Coffee reduces the amount of pain you perceive during exercise. 

Coffee also reduces perceived pain after exercise.

2. Coffee helps you refuel.

3. Coffee delays exhaustion.

4: Increase Workout Quality.

5: Improve Body Composition.

Condaxis Coffee served a special roast of Costa Rican Tarrazu coffee at the Armada Business Alliance Launch Event on Tue, March 6, 2018 

Armada's FC Owner Robert Palmer introduce the 2018 memberships and events, including exciting new benefits. Mr. Palmer also shares an exciting new opportunity he is bringing to Jacksonville during the evening of the launch event. It is not secreted that Condaxis Coffee prepared a special Organic Coffee Blend to service the team as long as will support the events and meetings of the club.