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Organic Caffeine-Free Herbal Tea Sachets

15 Wrapped Sachets per Box /


Tasting Notes

Vibrant, refreshingly tart herbal blend featuring luscious forest berries.


Rishi Tea's Blueberry Hibiscus

An elegantly simple blend of juicy hibiscus, rich red rooibos and sumptuous elderberries creates a wondrous botanical backdrop to highlight  the  refreshment  of  real  blueberries.  Hibiscus  is  prized  throughout the tropics for its quenching sweet-tart flavor and replenishing effect. A touch of adaptogenic schisandra berries adds bright floral notes. Elderberries, commonly enjoyed to soothe coughs and colds, perfectly complement the luscious, fresh-picked-pint-of-blueberries aroma of this fruity blend. Blueberry Hibiscus is utterly delicious, both hot and iced.


Caffeine: None



  • USDA Organic 
  • Certified Kosher 



Rishi Tea Blueberry Hibiscus

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  • The Vanguard of Tea Since 1997

    Independently owned, direct trade importer of organic teas and botanicals. We are selectors, importers and makers.

    Rishi Tea was founded on the commitment to set the standard for quality and expand the awareness of tea and its rich, inspirational tradition. We offer premium tea and botanicals imported directly from gardens across the world. We draw inspiration from ancient artisanal practices that use organic cultivation techniques as well as modern culinary innovation. From our modest beginnings over twenty years ago to becoming an established leader in the specialty tea market, our mission has never wavered.

    • Organic
    • Direct Trade
    • Culinary Inspired


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